Make your home a unique art gallery with your tasteful art display!

Hello Twiggs is Claudia, a lifestyle/wedding photographer based in Lisbon, Portugal. Even before being a professional photographer she was the happiest person whenever she could wander around town with her cameras. She would love to explore all the beautiful details, the way light was falling on architecture, the things that made her fall in love with a certain place. Soon she began wandering about selling these photographs as prints, creating a unique way of decorating a room and taking these unique details to across the world!

Here you will find a way of going to a different place, either by browsing through the travel prints of Lisbon (and other charming places in Portugal), Amsterdam, Copenhagen, London, New York, South of France and a few small towns in Spain as well, or just dreaming about spring or summer season with all the warmth they bring, through wild landscapes and the most beautiful flowers and plants.